Diabolical Influence
Founded5 Temporal 175 LE

Munarkûn came about from deep mines started by Tarband-Khâl mining guilds. These mines, starting on the surface, stretched over many miles. At a depth of 1200', the guilds built a place of commerce, storage, and central security. The latter was needed because it was proving that the things roaming the darkness required concerted efforts, sometimes long planning, and special measures to tackle; taking on a black pudding, purple worm, or the lake monsters often warranted a spell caster, and hopefully a healer.

Up until the Maziggandîm Conflict (348 LE - 355 LE), Munarkûn was a small mining town, never more than a thousand people. It was home to Turkûn in the employ of the mining guilds. The Maziggandîm Conflict forced them and many of their brethren on the surface to permanetntly move undeground; while above on the surface, the Lith-Crillion took over their land. Most of Tarband-Khâl's refugees went down into Khelan taking up residence here at Munarkûn and at Dushinbal.

The Andam Gathal, the archives of Munarkûn, has a full account of the Maziggandîm Conflict. One rune tablet says the Lith-Crillion came out of Nemexus hurling bolts and balls of energy that grew in strength in months rather than the decades required for Web Weaver mastery. If this is true, they either picked it up faster than today's practitioners, or they learned Ingu'lumin's secrets of manipulating the Web.

- Hlothram Pûta , Weave History professor of the Tangled Weave - "Lecture 4A-2K"

Munarkûn's harbors overlook lake Arkan-Ragûma. The rest of the city is spread across crags and hundreds of stalagmites. These are interconnected with thousands of bridges, hovering high above grand thoroughfares where a hundred Mîmêk soldiers could walk abreast. The city's copper and gem mines, and access to both the Earth Seam and the river Damazandal led to it becoming a rich commercial hub.

The worship of Baalzebul began in this settlement. It started sometime during the Maziggandîm Conflict with dark agents infiltrating a largely refugee population. They often took the guise of those around them, blending in with the population, spreading the word of Baalzebul, helping the people deal with their new Underdark home. Idea of friendship, community, and charity were replaced with competition, might makes right, and the weak serving the strongest. Those that did not follow the new order, disappeared or were sent to the slave mines.

In 762 LE, Munarkûn was captured by Dushinbal. Unification had had long been a goal of these rival city-states. The war came over which would served as the empire's capital. A year later, Dushinbal its capital, the Andigimok Empire was formed.

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  • Andam Gathal
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