Kedmaer - Mirtheon

Kedmaer is an unnaturally warm lake in the highlands of Olmi Hjark. At 16,500', it is the highest lake of this mountain range. It is named after a fire engineer that came up with the idea of melting the area's icy expanse.

The area now called Kedmaer was once the south edge of the Anzar Glacier. In the Ice Pillar War (14 - 31), battles raged across the broken ice a dozen times. Each time the legions of the Hofthorm were pushed out of Anzar, what the Glangveif's defenders considered to be lands blessed by Thyrm. In the Battle of Kedmaer, the attackers came up with a daring plan. Using a great siege engine, one designed for plunging fire, a fire giant siege crew sent an Ember of Tosgerd on a high trajectory. It came down in the glacier, two miles from the great walls of Haugald. The ice fields and layers of tunnels that had so greatly helped the defenders began to melt. They became slushy, then the lower levels began to flood. Haugald, with ten glacier complexes, suffered heavy flooding. After seven months of melting, a lake had formed. Hofthorm, a respectable naval power of the Nermanis Sea, started a great portage, moving barges and ships up the ice of Anzar to its newly formed lake. The last act of the Ice Pillar War was the Siege of Haugald, a naval attack across the waters of lake Kedmaer against Glangveif's capital.

The Ember of Tosgerd is still at the bottom of this lake. Keeping the waters very warm all year around, it prevents any area of it from freezing by normal or magical means.

In the Second Epoch, the Orchish Empire secretly practiced naval maneuvers on this lake, planning for day when they would gain access to the Core Sea (c.f. Core Offensive). The city has lost much of its importance since the orc secured access to the Core Sea. At the southern tip of this unnaturally warm lake is the ancient giant-built city Haugald.

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