Kedmaer is an unnaturally warm lake in the Giant Steps mountain range. It sits at an elevation of 16,500', and about 300' below the ancient walls of Haugald. The lake began to form after a Ember of Tosgerd was catapulted into the southern tracts of the Anzar glacier. Over the decades that followed, the Ember of Tosgerd caused the southern part of the glacier to melt, forming a warm lake. At the time the fire giants of Hofthorm were warring with the frost giants of Glangveif. The strategy of melting the glacier was to separate Haugald from the tunnels leading into the glacier and to inundate the citadel (c.f. Ice Pillar War). The Ember of Tosgerd is still at the bottom of the lake. It keeps the waters very warm all year around and prevents any area of it from freezing by normal or magical means.

In the Second Epoch, the Orchish Empire secretly practiced naval maneuvers on this lake, planning for day when they would gain access to the Core Sea (c.f. Core Offensive). The city has lost much of its importance since the orc secured access to the Core Sea. At the southern tip of this unnaturally warm lake is the ancient giant-built city Haugald.

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