RegionGrashakh, Imgangreth

Torowkrorn is an active volcano of the Giant Steps. For miles in all directions, the icy snow covered slopes are blackened from volcanic fallout. Torowkrorn went "hot" in the Hungrur War (1406 - 1409). It has remained active ever since. It turned the basin east of the volcano, the area Hungrur, into a wasteland where only fiery brutes thrive. For a time in the Second Epoch, it also put Krarthjar back on the map. A city-state then, it stood firm against the Orchish Empire, and with a little help from Surtur's minions, help them win victory over a power much larger than them.

Krarthjar's control over Torowkrorn and Hungrur waned in the Third Epoch. This came from plans conceived by the Court of One Hundred Eyes. This agency of the Orchish Empire's High Command, successfully sowed dissent in Krarthjar's internal affairs that continues to this day.

In the deeps of Kazgon, Torowkrorn is fed by a rivulet of Surturs Artery, the Skera Hrolmir. On the far fringes of great lava shafts rising up into the mountain above, are fire giant holds and many ports. Many of these docking areas, used heavily in the Hungrur War lay abandoned; while others serve as the abode of creatures suited to living in or near a raging river of magma.

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