Erochel is a vast Underdark forest, or fungal, sited in an immense grotto called Sigan-Kûn. Most of this fungal is spread along the shimmering waters of the river Favánë. The mushrooms, fungal stalks, and other flora of this forest are enormous in size, rivaling the size of some surface forests. The magical glow of the Favánë has also led to other unusual plants and lifeforms. Erochel is constantly abuzz with flying insects and critters. The great height and width of the grotto surrounding Erochel is a product of when the Nermanis Sea drained into the Underdark. The onrushing sea bored out a massive area that has become a haven for many lifeforms.

Long ago, as a result of their conflicts with Zandûl-Khâl, the Mulun-Dûna experimented with a race of plant creatures called the Myconid. Mulun-Dûna researchers, mostly those of the Shinszelmoggit family, purchased pixie dust from unscrupulous merchants out of Phalkhîr. Mixed in the canals feeding the myconid's farms, it resulted in a population boom, a dramatic increase in myconid joining Mulun-Dûna's army. When Phalkhîr learned their neighbors were militarizing pixie dust, this dust trade ended.

Following a decade of espionage, the Shinszelmoggits found the source of the special dust, alien stuff far more powerful than what the Pixie of Bal-Kriav produce. The Shinszelmoggits learned the dust was coming from the other side of a feywild fuse.

With no experience in the different varieties they found, the Shinszelmoggits sterilizing their Myconid population. They turned to getting more from the other side, the Kriav type, myconid more cunning and stronger.

- Neblin Shinszelmoggit, alchemist - "The Myconid Solution"