OwnerKhazarkar Empire

The Bazrâ road beings where the Târun forks at Khirrêth. Bazrâ is a long road crossing a vast area, stretching from sea to sea. It begins near the Erethor and ends at the Core Sea. Bazrâ heads southeast from Khirrêth to Ardilthôr. The road passes around the towering walls to the docks of this massive stronghold. Here, a barge where take travellers across the Rute. The road then continues southeast to Mirkathân. The road continues east across the Nalêth badlands. Bazrâ cuts through the Damreth mountains by way of the Thungothor Pass. Once through the mountains the road passes south of the kriavian elf ruin Herfarel and then continues east through the bullywug infested swamp Orondir.

After passing through the Orondir, the road comes to the Khazarkar keep of Milzanâth. At this keep, a barge will take travellers across the Dargirth river to the town of Zigân-Zadân. West of this town, the Bazrâ goes west across Sahânzar to Barun-Mitân. The road is south of Kaminâth as it makes its way towards Barun-Mitân. There are side roads from the Bazrâ that cross this fast flowing river. These areas are not maintained and subject to wash-outs and banditry.

At Barun-Mitân, the road swings north through Sahânzar until reaching the Avalninâth river. The road crosses this river by way of the towering bridge of Tarrahil. To reach the northern side of the river, travellers must pass through the fortified town of Zigân-Bazar and pay a bridge toll to Khazarkar authorities. On the north side of the river, the Bazrâ continues north, following the eastern outskirts of Gimirkazân. At the northeastern edge of the swamp, the road forks. The Bazrâ cuts west to Nirzanâth. The northern road is the Hjorolf. The Bazrâ circuits around Nirzanâth and crosses the Avalninâth by way of the Izrik bridge.

The road then cuts west through Sahânzar. It heads to the ruins of Sakarumân and then cuts north to the Avalninâth river. There is no longer a ferry to take travellers across this river. This was destroyed, along with Sakarumân, in the Cinazan Front. On the northern banks of the river, Bazrâ continues north until it reaches its terminus at the ruins of Erchinor.