Alignmentlawful neutral
Born19 Saunas 1580

Tetchgud, a Gimrune, was born and raised during the time of the Torgilm Confederacy (1475 - 1719). When Ba'lith defeated them in the Brothers Enmity War (1697 - 1723), Tetchugd opted to become a Ba'lith citizen. He studied arcane lore at Belras Foroderch. One of his most renown relatives is a fourth generation uncle named Hetak.

He Fourth Uncle is in banking. He doubts that the captain’s team of investigators dug that far back in his past. If they knew that his Fourth Uncle is head of Engineen’s Bureau of Finance, then he might not have been allowed to join the Pillar’s crew. Paradomea and the Gimrune empire of Engineen are both commercial empires. They prefer commerce over war, yet welcome war commerce as long as they don’t have to share the expense of it. The leaders of these empire’s top banks have long held close ties. Little God’s uncle is very close to the Bank of Paradomea’s upper echelons. He feels the mental tap again, this time, opening up the link. On the other end, a mentalist serving Syndic Sarurkane Branda asks, “Anything new to report?�? Little God looks down at the Sphere of Arcane. He knows that he should tell the caller that the Pillar has retrieved its engine. He figures he can’t keep it secret forever, but he can delay, so answers, “Nothing to report, we are still powered by an energy converter and an energy-crusher.�? The mental link goes dead.

- from the Godspawn Saga

In the Cinazan Front, Tetchgud was the Chief Arcane Engineer on the Pillar of Horns.