CategoryRods, Staffs, Wands
Typerod, arcane
ForgeGeledh Arcanum
EnchanterKhêru, Nithian arch-mage

Khêru, a legate of the Šukhan Legion, enchanted this item in the arcane forge Geledh Arcanum. The rod was named Hulêthûn in respect to Khêru's son who died in the creation of Geledh Arcanum.

Hulêthûn is a twisted rod of high alloy blutium. It is topped with a broken sphere. The upper half of the sphere is shattered with its pieces floating in the air around it as if suspended in time. Inside of the broken sphere is an Orb of Arcane, likewise frozen in time. This energy comes to life when the rod is held. The rod produces a noticeable hum and courses with power. The Orb of Arcane floats in the rod's broken sphere. The orb was once part of a Sphere of Arcane carved out of COA 411.

Hulêthûn is a powerful and unstable weapon powered by the same energies that course through the Cubes of Arcane. Not long after crafting the rod, Khêru began to lose spells from his memory and found some of his magical items drained of their magic. The rod also began absorbing some of the arcane energy from the Web's strands that encase Geledh Arcanum. Khêru, along with a number of other wizards worked day and night for two months on a means to contain the rod's instability. They finally created a Time Stop Ward around the rod's Orb of Arcane. This ward stopped the dangerous side effects of the rod.

A year supply of magic eaten by his rod. I hope it is worth it. The enemy only has to use a disintegrate to make it all for nothing.

- Zinamrân, Sulkun 6th Company, from a diary found in Geledh - "Decommission for Durability"

The rod's properties are very similar to the properties of the Cube of Arcane - magic draining, absorption, and magic creation. The latter of these results in the creation of random arcane spells that can be cast by anyone wielding the rod.

Decommission opening a rift to the Web, the touched magic item or an ongoing area of effect spell is drained of magic. Fortitude DC23 + wielder int modifier to resist. If successful, the item is disenchanted, ongoing spells is canceled out. The wielder gains +10 temporary hit points lasting 12 hourscontinuous
Web Weaver if an arcanist, wielder of this item has all the abilities and risks of being a 2nd level Web Weavercontinuous
Arcanas Approval +5 divine intelligence bonuscontinuous