The Bangasûza fjord is near where Salzârrâk's northeastern currents meet the Sea of Mourning. Over thousands of years, this churn cut into the landscape, drawing the soft earth and clay out to sea, leaving only hard stone. This erosion was helped by the arc of islands to the east, resulting in howling winds and the area's often unpleasant weather. Where the fjord channel meets the sea, the land is bare stone for dozens of miles in each direction. For mariner's, a natural landmark for navigation.

The pirates that came to settle Ma'Ohari's northern coasts, and those of the nearby Buccaneer Archipelago, considered Bangasûza your last choice to ride out a storm. In the First Epoch, it was home to harpies and even some demons that had once served Varelay.

In the Great Exodus (998 - 1017), the fjord's mammoth sea caves, some going miles into the backing cliffs, served as pirate trading posts. They would offload goods and slaves captured from the seemingly endless sails moving back and forth across the Sea of Mourning.

In the Great Exodus, pirating made men rich, it was a time of plenty like no other. The most villainous captains crawled out of Bangasûza. Harpy captains with songs that could turn an enemy friendly or docile, or cambion ones with crews more interested in bloodshed than gold.

- Inu Nuškad, elderaunt captain - "Bangasûza's Captains"

In 1467, the undead admiral-king Jairall, commander of the Black Tide navy, captured Salandirik. He nullified a long-standing treaty with Yaram's scrags. For over four centuries, this treaty made it so that the river Yaram could not be used for trade or settlement. Jairall decision and the conflict that followed, eventually drove the scrag tribes north to Bangasûza. Faced by so many dangerous refugees, most of Bangasûza's harpies and other fell elements moved elsewhere.

In 1797, the Burterinii-Buccaneer Alliance were allowed entry into the fjord. Up until this time, this was unheard of. This was because Bangasûza's scrag had grown xenophobic, bitter at being driven from Yaram and then boxed in by Bloodtusk's massive coastal fortresses. Even worse, under King Jairall, they were hunted for sport, or games played with participates swimming through scrag infested waters. After the Burterinii-Bloodtusk War (1795 - 1800), it was learned that a powerful druid was behind the effort to sway scrag opinion. This figure was Beldirothe, herself a scrag, and newly made Nature Protectorate of the Ma'Ohari region.