Galtrag, Solar to Athena
Class25th paladin / 10th divine crusader
RaceTragaran (Celestial, Solar)
TitleGeneral, Champion of Athena
Alignmentlawful good
BirthplaceHoly Sanctum
Born7 Saunas 1487
Death12 Witchrite 1553
Celestial19 Witchrite 1553

Galtrag Phakawelgûn was born into a family known for its paladins. Their renown, courage and faith served the Niratar Theocracy (339 - 1017) alone or in teams, bolstering distant frontier outposts, proving their meddle and faith to themselves as well as their god Athena.

Galtrag grew up during the turbulent times of the Black Tide War (1465 - 1504) and the occupation that followed. He fought in the last two years of this war before being wounded severely at the Siege of Vraga Moltus, walking with a slight limp for decades before the big change.

On 17 Temporal 1524, he founded the Order of Solars.

In 1533, suffering from age, Galtrag and old companions went on a mission to find the Ankh of Phalgas. Calling themselves the Golden Elite, they went on to restore the Galadriël Kingdom, take back lands held by Katrana and regain their youth.

In the Athenian Crusade (1539 - 1551), Galtrag fought in many battles against the Black Tide, single-handedly defeating the dragon Apocaleen. He carried many battles with his valor and superb generalship. The most notable was the Severed Neck Battle. This battle was pivotal for it was the beginning of the end for the Black Tide reign across the Lands of Purity.

On his final adventure to solve the Four Prophecies of the Pyramids, he was slain by Crick. In this battle, the Golden Elite were nearly wiped out by the combined might of Crick, Lenassu Dras'ee and their minions. Galtrag last words are today a battle prayer for Malacost's holy armies.

I have served with valor and purity in life, and so shall serve Athena in the after-life!

In death, the story of Galtrag does not end, for in the Nawenglorûs system, he carries the banner of Athena, only now, as a Solar, possessing such awesome powers that former foes would be little more than hay to a scythe. In times of great need, Athena's high priest acquire the a mighty spell "Lantern of Athena". This spell summons the image of Galtrag, riding a white super heavy warhorse, seventeen hands high. Steed and rider are donned in the finest blutium full plate, and Galtrag wields the mythical blade Manjular or the lance Soul Purifier. This image inspires fanatical morale to the on-lookers, and other effects, which have on several occasions turned the tide of battle for the forces of good.