CategoryArtifacts, Swords
ForgeTirulûmâs Beacon
EnchanterSix Arcane

Manjular is +5 great sword with all the properties of a Holy Avenger and more. Its crystalline blade is crafted from a Shards of Takarrûs . At the ancient Covenant forge Tirulûmâs Beacon, the forge masters of Maharâg gave it shape and then passed it on to be magicked by the Six Arcane. Though not an artifact, it is said to be unbreakable when wielded under the rays of Merioss.

Manjular is imbued with the sentience of the knight-paladin General Manjular Phakawelgûn. After it was forged, it was given to the son of Manjular, a young paladin named Galtrag.

In 1532, a succubus by the name of Azandrella stole the sword from Galtrag. This happened during the Duplicity Period when the insidious seductress, Azandrella, charmed Galtrag and took his honor and his blade. In 1538, Galtrag and his fellow adventurers of Golden Elite, tracked her down and killed her. The weapon was removed from her Abyssal tower and brought back to its home in the Lands of Purity. Galtrag and the holy avenger Manjular would go on to defeat many foul creatures of the Black Tide of Thasmudyan.

PsycheManjular Phakawelgûn
Alignmentlawful good
CommunicationSpeech & Telepathy, Read Magic, Read All Languages
Special PurposeDefeat Demons
Personalitymale, noble, charitable, stern
Avengeras holy avengercontinuous
Takarrûs Flare a brilliant holy light appearing as a wave of blue-white energy radiates outward from the wielder in a 20' radius. Evil creatures in the area of effect receive 3-36 hit points of holy damage with no save or resistance of any kind.1/day
Voice of Athenaas the spell Holy Word1/week
Six Arcane Grace+1 to wielder's chance to surprise, increases luck score by 3 points while heldcontinuous
Simple Mindas the spell Feeblemind, on touch1/day
Complete RestorationHealed by the rays of Merioss, the weapon can be restored after its destruction. As long as it remains for seven days under the ray of Merioss, it will be completely restored. 1/week
Healing Touchas the spell Accelerate Healing, on touch5/day
Undead Wardas the spell Negative Energy Protection, on touch7/week