Godhead in the later stages of the plague
TitleChief Alchemist of the Borillisk Empire
Alignmentneutral evil
Born6 Lunar 1050
Died14 Temporal 1129

Godhead was probably the most knowledgeable alchemist of the Second Epoch. He lived on the island of Necrocrypt as a citizen of Borillisk. He headed the efforts to find a cure for the deadly disease that was ravaging his people. Unable to find a cure, and bitter at the Kal-Oni blockade (c.f. Year 1131), he turned his efforts to revenge.

He developed powerful elixirs, and then gave them to the finest seamen of Borillisk. The elixirs initially failed in their purpose. The seamen lived for some time after everyone else of the Borillisk Empire had perished, but then they too died.

Then a year to the day of their death, these seamen rose from their resting places, now as vengeful revenants. They took to the seas to carry out the dying wishes of Godhead - "bring terror and death to all Tragarans not of the Borillisk Empire." The fleet they sailed became known as the Armada of the Damned.

Godhead has another claim to fame, the invention of a powerful healing potion. A vain man, he named the potion of Godhead after himself.