Himril Girderhead

Himril Girderhead
RegionLands of Purity
Class25th Lyan
TitleAdmiral, Arbiters Second
Alignmentlawful neutral
Born18 Artifice 1485

Himril Girderhead was a member of the Golden Elite. He was born on the Giff home world Marragh. Early in his life Himril spent time as a crew member in the Giff League. He has spent much time in the Abyss. Much of his early experience and wealth was gained during exploration and colonization missions. He was also heavily involved in trade, transportation and acquisition of rarities. He slowly gained rank among the League through his ambition and deeds. During this time he also began to understand the necessity of re-balancing the powers on Bal-Kriav, after seeing first hand the various worlds where either complete good or complete evil were abundant and dominant.

In 1500, he went to Bal-Kriav with a group tasked with establishing a chapter for the Sinews of Atlas. They also helped in the construction of the enormous fortress church in Vraga Moltus. This church, the Heel of Atlas, is the largest place of worship on Bal-Kriav dedicated to Atlas.

In the Black Tide War (1465 - 1504), Vraga Moltus was captured by the Black Tide. After this city fell, a Black Tide army went into the Scar of Atlas and wiped out the headquarters of the Sinews of Atlas. Himril battled the undead and necromancers assaulting the place. The defenders were vastly outnumbered. Fortunately for Himril, he was saved when an explosion blew him off the battlements and into a river below. A day later he awoke in the darkness of Onvorn. Himril made his way back to the Scar of Atlas and then out of the canyon, and headed to Iglutt.

In Iglutt, he joined up with Golden Elite. When this group took charge of the Atlas Glory, he became the ship's captain. In the Athenian Crusade (1539 - 1551), he was promoted to Admiral, and took charge of the naval forces of the Holy Quinary.

Himril's main goal while serving with the Golden Elite was to bring lower Brucrumus back into balance. He sought destruction of the chaotic liches which had put the Lands of Purity under their yoke following their victory in the Black Tide War.

They have ruthlessly brought down the goodly Lands of Purity and the Farinteen Empire and many of the Knightly Orders. The Black Tide has thrown Bal-Kriav out of balance.

The Sinews of Atlas have been involved in the struggle for balance for years. They understand that Order must be restored to this world, but many of them have decided to combat from the sidelines by recruiting followers and training clerics to aid them in battles.

- Himril, from a person journal archived at Thequas

Himril left behind his proselytizing. He believed that while serving his duties as a Lyan, the destruction of his enemies also benefits his alignment by restoring balance of Good and Evil and bringing order to disorder - Law in a world of Chaos.

In a famous speech given to the Holy Quinary, Himril said of the situation at hand:

Order from Chaos must be our imperative! Not simply realignment of borders and the continuing fear and distrust of our neighboring kingdoms. This is the insidious nature of these evil times, let it not be by your inaction that we slip into another dark age!

It was the fallout of this speech that certain political machines were set into motion. Conscripts were ordered, armored, and equipped to do battles at the command of "Old Girder Head". Nonetheless, Himril initially declined the position of Admiral of the navy. His divine calling was to do battle on the front line among the soldiers.

Himril was of the belief that in the dark times following the Black Tide War (1465 - 1504), the place for a priest is in battle aiding his fellow soldiers in the struggle against the evil plaguing the lands.

After the Black Tide War, he led the reconstruction of the Palm of Atlas. This bastion of the Sinews of Atlas is of magnificent construction, with architecture similar to that used in Thequas.

While with the Golden Elite, his vitality was restored with the Ankh of Phalgas, and he personally lit the fuse sending the Elder Orb of Embers into the heart of Merioss. He also carried out his vow to return the great cannon Ole' Faithful to the people of Milithian.

On these task's conclusion, followers will be sent forth to the four corners of Bal-Kriav to begin the task of organizing and reordering the chaos that is presently in the world.

- Himril, from his reconstruction plan - "The New Order"