Transcended Theegan
RegionsHigh Wood Country, Tribe Steppes
MapFeyrise Forest

Feyrise is a dense woodland of upper Brucrumus. Surrounded on three sides by great peaks, it can be a windy forest. The temperatures here can vary considerably, with two unusual winds buffeting the area. From the south, the cold winds called Malirthrak's Wail; named for the dead giant entombed in Timinórë. From the west, come Melrith's Decay. These winds smell of the same decay and death prevalent in Emeldimir's three blighted forests.

It is cut with numerous ravines, streams and narrow vales. The area is dotted by steaming pools of water and geyser filled ponds and lakes. The entire area is under the protection of the Einglach. This fey organization opposes Taurquion's unnatural expansion. They use defolation magic and any other measure to stop the Tendrils advance into the Feyrise.

Feyrise is home to hundreds of treants and many thousands of centaurs, non-evil unicorns, thorns, satyr, faerie dragons, and a variety of other non-evil fey. The forest is also home to those that took up the cause of Einglach or simply decided to become one with nature. A number of Theegans fled to this area when Arirmarg's horse-cultists began to force their beliefs upon the masses. Some of these Theegans became Transcended.

For the fey, the forest's most important sites are its four Great Fey Circles. These are areas with strong pockets of Nature Energy. Skilled users of this form of energy can use them to cross-over to the world Kriav.

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