Feyrise (west) - Ohtarion
RegionsHigh Wood Country, Tribe Steppes
MapFeyrise Forest

Feyrise is a dense woodland of Brucrumus's northwest. Bordered by three highlands and the deflective nature of the Zephuros Mark, the Feyrise sees winds and storms, both normal and strange. Two of the more strange, are the sorrowful winds of Malirthraks Wail from the southwest and Melriths Decay blowing out of the Emeldimir Vale.

With dense foliage and cut by numerous ravines and streams, Feyrise is rugged terrain with a lot of hiding places. Down the center, beginning in the foothills of Surtur's old stomping ground, the Bora Korek, there are steaming pools and geyser filled ponds and lakes.

A resource rich area, the hills east of Lake Baurongor are rich in silver and platinum. Many of the area's trees are thousands of years old, some dating back to the forging of the world.

Feyrise is home to Treant, Centaur in the thousands, Thorn, Satyr, Faerie Dragon, non-evil unicorn, and other fey. Many serve or at least back the ideals of the Einglach. One such ideal is that if your not a fey, then in Feyrise your a visitor, duly leaving once your business is done.

For the fey, the forest's most important sites are its four Great Fey Circles, each a focus for Nature Energy.

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Notable Resources
  • Platinum
  • Silver