Ring of Phalgas

RegionHells Womb
LocationPalace of Nine
Built11 Temporal 1327

In the bowels of the Palace of Nine is a positive energy rift called the Ring of Phalgas; in deference to the god Phalgas, one said to wield positive energy as if were an extension of himself.

The builders of this rift were Githyanki ex-pats of the Har'kish Civil War (1292 - 1312). After seeking refuge in Paradomea, they quickly tried to build trush with this empire's leaders, the Council of Nine, and other Paradomeans. They divulged some of their greatest secrets, violating a customary law dating to the early Githyanki empires of the Astral Sea. In simplest terms, this law made it forbidden to help in the advancement of the technical base of non-githyanki peoples. Some attribute it to a period of two centuries where the githyanki of the Astral Sea drifted with no contact with other peoples, becoming xenophobic in the process. These ex-pats knew that once word got out of what they did, they would be hunted by agents of the empire they once served. As a result of their sacrifice, Paradomea learned the methods of making energy storage vessels, mainly to be used as ammunition, along with the designs for making Gith Lances and Pos-Grenades.

The energy from the Ring of Phalgas is used to make ammunition for positive energy weapons. The military value of the Ring of Phalgas is such that only those with the highest level of clearance are allowed to look upon it. Much of the energy that comes from here is sold to the XI Institute or freely given to them when making ammunition for the Githlar√Ęk.