Zigil - Narbuzad

Zigil is a lone mountain of the Mîn-Mazan valley. A sacred place, it is dedicated to those Earthen that served under Storralk in the Abyssal Release (7777 DE - 8777 DE).

In the First Epoch, miners out of Phlehorn began tapping into the mountain, seeking its storied riches. A temple to many, they met fierce resistance from its guardians, elemental spirits of the land, Galeb-Duhr, stone giants and earth elementals. They battled Phlehorn's miners and then her armies in an effort to maintain the sanctity of the mountain and keep them out of the Earth Shrine. Nearly a millennia later, the kingdom of Phlehorn fell to the Earth Skin Rot; a virulent disease spawned from breaching the Earth Shrine.

Zigil holds rich veins of platinum, ruby, diamond, and emerald. Largely untapped, the Earthen of this area seek to keep it that way.

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