Uzdûm & Sûd

RegionClans, Unaraggumak

Uzdûm and Sûd are two great mining pits that on the surface are in the southwestern part of Narbuzad. When dwarven prospectors out of Phlehorn came upon this area, they saw a maze of canyon walls riddled with veins of silver and mithril. In the Year 300, Phlehorn's diggers been mining the area. Over a thousand years they turned a bunch of canyons into two mammoth and deep mining pits. These pits descend far into the Underdark, crossing into Brucrumus's Subterranean Tier 1 and ending in Brucrumus's Subterranean Tier 2. One pit is named Uzdûm and the other Sûd. These names are in honor of two dwarven heroes of the Demon Spawn War. These heroes were not your normal fighting types, but miners who battled demons with pickaxes and rocks. They put up such a heroic fight protecting Covenant mines that they become something of a legend in dwarven history.

The pits are about the same size, roughly four to five miles wide and nearly 6,000' deep. As the miners dug deeper into the Underdark, they came into contact with various friendly and hostile Underdark races, leading to trade and bloodshed. Today, Hjalmarbrodd, an offspring empire of Phlehorn, backs most of the mining efforts in these areas and even stakes claim to parts of the pit so they can legally maintain military complexes here. These bastions serve to preserve law and counter threats from below. Some of the threats that come up from below or affect deeper mining activities are Dilkuglapgon's unrestrained slaving and raiding. Even deeper, in the Subterranean Tier 2, the area they dig is unlawfully claimed by the Bru'khar empire. Hjalmarbrodd's highest court of law says that Bru'khar's claim to the dig area is invalid since they had no tunnel to the area went the miners dug into it. Bru'khar law says otherwise, that it is right of conquest that gives them claim over the area. As such, the two empires have been in conflict for the last three centuries.

Uzdûm and Sûd are dotted with numerous bridges, lifts, cranes and permanent structures. Some claim that the mines contain near endless veins of mithril and silver, and plentiful other gemstone veins. This is tied to another legend that says the veins are the entrails of an unimaginably long primordial serpent composed of nothing but precious metals, gems, and entropic energy. The terrible beast was a living siege engine, sent by the primordial against Covenant fortifications in Khelan. In one of the many epic battles of the Creation War, the hero Naraz-Nâru, who would one day become patron god to many of the Clans dwarves, slew this metal and gemstone encrusted primordial. This was done with a specially magicked mining pick with the power of severing. Naraz-Nâru's blows caused the beast to dig into the earth and go downward, all the while losing body mass from wounds that it could not heal fast enough. This "bleeding out" left trails of silver, mithril, and gemstones across the area.

The city Gunbil receives much of her income from the mithril and silver pouring out of this area.