Pit Viper

Pit Viper
CategorySquad X7E Missions
OperationPit Viper
Strike RankTwelve
Mission Date16 Brightstar 1480
Pit Viper is one of the missions undertaken by Squad X7E.

Ebonstar was crafted thousands of years ago by the Lith-Crillion. The keep was magically hidden for all these years until the Black Tide of Thasmudyan located the castle through divine aid. The place is of high strategic importance and must be captured by the Fairinteen Alliance. The Sanguine Wispers have been hired to help in its capture.

The lich General Garn is the current commander of the front lines of the Black Tide armies. The alliance of the Orchish Empire and the forces of the evil god Thasmudyan pose a major threat to the Lands of Purity and more importantly to the future security of Sanguine Wispers.

Prime Objectives

  • Determine Ebonstar garrison size
  • Liberate items of interest before the arrival of the Fairinteen Alliance
  • Accurately map Ebonstar

  • Using the Coal Griffons, head to the Storsalds, leave mounts at Trygrorm
  • Meet with Mordkon at Trygrorm. He will show you the location of a pass that will take you to Jana-Lisita
  • Jana-Lisita's wood elf mercs will provide you with lodging and provisions. They will guide you to Ebonstar.
  • Find a secret entrance into Ebonstar. The seers have deciphered the cryptic scrolls found at a Lith-Crillion ruin. The ancient Lith-Crillion text has revealed the following clue that may reveal the location of the entrance:
Falling water upon the pool of marble. The glyph-stone shines upon our back door in the waning azure star...

- passage from a Lith-Crillion scroll

The secret entrance is probably magically hidden. You must determine how to bypass the magic with the glyph-stone.

  • Map the entrance and any obstacles that may exist for a large strike force.
  • Eliminate any threats. Do not alert the garrison of Ebonstar or give away the location of the secret entrance.

Outcome of the Mission

The mission resulted in the destruction of the lich Garn, Marshall-General of the Black Tide of Thasmudyan and the daughter of Pinth Blackstrike. Squad X7E also recovered secret documents that exposed Black Tide intentions to double-cross the Orchish Empire. The Sanguine Whispers supplied this information by way of a second party to the High Command and their emperor. This resulted in the termination of the Eye Skull Pact.

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