Pinth Blackstrike

Pinth Blackstrike
Class28th fighter / 16th psionicist
RaceMîmêk (Vampire)
TitleFirst Dead
Alignmentchaotic evil
Born25 Saunas 1412
Died6 Witchrite 1539

Pinth Blackstrike started his career with Black Banner. He was said to be bellicose, rude, and a heavy drinker. He came to fame in the early adventuring days of the group with his rallying cry "Black Banner to me!". This is said to have boosted morale and led to the group truly coming together as a team. Thereafter, he became a friend to the party and a permanent adventuring companion.

When Black Banner's leaders became the First Dead Council of the Black Tide, Pinth was made the leader of their armies. There are stories left from that time that say Pinth was even then immortal, and as a result the morale of his military units were said to be fanatical. During the Black Tide War (1465 - 1504), he commanded nearly 30,000 Bloodbeards and auxiliary troops under the Kazurâg-Gulan.

In the Year 1480, his best friend, Marshall-General Garn, and his daughter were assassinated by Squad X7E. Thereafter, he vowed to destroy any creature of, or associated with the Sanguine Whispers; the "guild of murders".

Pinth had a large personal bodyguard of goblyns. These creatures were spawned from his artifact, the Crown of Souls.

King Blackstrike - Spiller of Blood, Scion of Darkness, Father of the Goblyns, we have been called to serve you. We sentence the miserable souls of your foes to the crypts of Thasmudyan.

- Goblyn Chant

At the Severed Neck Battle, Pinth Blackstrike was slain by the Golden Elite. Pinth's last base of operation was somewhere in the Giant Steps. His vast hoard of loot and magical items have never been found.