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The Sanguine Whisper are masters of subterfuge, clandestine operations, and sabotage. One of the skills they took to an art is the Saboteur prestige class. A Saboteur is a demolition expert tasked with destroying bridges, doors, portcullis, towers, walls, and even damaging creatures. They are trained in the use of hourglass, weight, wind, chemical and water-based timers.

The Saboteur uses gunpowder and/or a deadly combination of pure energy and negative energy (a concoction called Nilience) contained in crystalline tubes that are crushed together by expanding materials through use of water, acid to dissolve the glass, pressure and light sensitive spores, or magical timers to activate the charge.

Some eccentric Saboteurs put paint, perfumes, and other mixtures into their explosives.

A saboteur should never be so foolish as to carry excessive amounts of explosives on their person. A destructive attack, like a fireball, or even falling into a pit has a chance of setting off an explosive, which in turn could create a chain reaction.

- from a Saboteur training manual - "Safety Measures"

Saboteur Prestige Class
PowerEffectEffectivenss Modifier
1stAOE Blastcan create area of effect blasts+1 to Effectiveness roll
2ndFocused Blastcan create directional blasts+1 to Effectiveness roll
3rdConcentrated Blastcan create stronger blasts+1 to Effectiveness roll
4thSuper Charged AOEcan create stronger AOE blasts+1 to Effectiveness roll
5thSatchel Chargescan create satchel charges+1 to Effectiveness roll
AOE Blast
An AOE Blast causes damage in an area of effect.
Focused Blast
A Focused Blast increases damage by 50%. The directional blast is typically 20' long and 10' wide at the terminus. This tactic requires a 50lb blast shield that is shaped and driven (or held if the creature has a 20 or greater strength) into the ground with spikes.
Concentrated Blast
The Saboteur can use the concentrated blast attack. This advanced technique uses a directional blast shield and the Nilience Grade B to create a tremendous explosion. Damage is increased by 100%. If used as an area of effect attack, then the damage is increased by 25%.
Super Charged AOE
With Super Charged AOE, the Saboteur can increase the area of effect of a charge by 100%. This requires the use of an unstable substance called Grade C Nilience. The Saboteur also learns the ability to create and maintain Ocillostroke energy weapons.

One of the things learned at this prestige level is Ocillostroke Mechanics and Crystal Integrity. This teaches the saboteur how to fabricate Crystal Rods and the construction of positive energy weapons.

Satchel Charges
With Satchel Charges, the saboteur learns the ability to create a backpack of explosives that can be hurled and exploding on impact or timed.

A blast requires a set-up time based on the structure size, foundation, and other factors. A simple table is listed below, but other factors may require additions or subtraction to the set-up time:

Setting A Blast
StructureTime to Deploy
Normal door1 round
Portcullis4 rounds
Small building1 turn
Tower1-3 turns
Large Bridge1-2 hours
Satchel Charge1-2 rounds
Roll d20 (1)Outcome
1 - 4bad batch - explosive misfires and is ruined
6 - 10quick fuse - explosive detonates during preparation
11 - 13no effect
14 - 161/2 strength explosion
17 - 25normal explosion
26+x2 area of effect; 10% chance of causing an earthquake if the terrain is appropriate
Supplies and Effects
ItemAOEWeightGP CostDamageEffectivenss Modifier
Gunpowder5'r5 lb253-24hps-2 to check
Nilience Grade A5'r3 lb506-36hpsnormal
Nilience Grade B5'r2 lb706-36hps+4 to check
Nilience Grade C10'r2 lb807-42hps-2 to check
Nilience Pack10'r10 lb806-48hps-1 to check
Satchel Pack10'r12 lb604-32hps-1 to check

Rolls above 20 are possible from adding the saboteur's intelligence modifier and prestige class level.