City Governments

NationOrchish Empire
CategoryCity Government
ParentHigh Command

The city governments of the Orchish Empire and their bureaucracy have their own spy networks, guilds, and interests. These city governments are a smaller replica of the High Command. A sampling of their agencies is listed below:

The Waste Management Bureau

This department controls the waste produced by the city. They maintain sewers and monitor activities committed beneath the cities.

Brewery Bureau

This bureau manages the outflow of alcohol in each city. They lower prices during times of conscription and warfare.

The War Department

This bureau performs garrison, escort, patrol and conscription duties.

Police Nexus

This department guards the population from criminal activities, looting, wanton destruction, and other chaotic activities. It is not unheard of for crime-committing creatures to be seized and thrown into slavery or even killed on the spot.

The laws of the Orchish Empire are harsh and sometimes cruel, they may even be unfair at times, but seeing the rigid military nature of the Githirmil, it is only fitting to be subject to an iron hand.

- Ermikel the Balance, "Githirmil Law"

Gold Department

This department has the job of maintaining price levels, collecting taxes, tariffs, and monitoring the income levels of the population.

One must watch his purse near the Gold Building, for it is sure to be lighter on passing.

- unknown

The Intelligence Network

This is a smaller cousin of the Overwatch.

The Magistrate

This bureau performs the judiciary activities of the city.

Other City Powers

The cities have numerous groups jockeying for power; Garrison Leaders, Intelligence Bureaus, Trade Unions, Guilds, Merchants, Corporations, etc.

Some of these city governments are unquestionably run by some of these powerful organizations. The governments are fairly corrupt, most bearing toward lawful evil. Laws are harsh, though officials are frequently "greased" to lighten sentences or penalties.