Squad X7E Missions

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GroupSanguine Whispers

These missions were classified information of the Sanguine Whispers. They were carried out during the service of Squad X7E. No one has claimed responsibility for the disclosure of these top secret mission documents.

Sanguine Whisper missions are give names related to what kind of operation they entail. For example, the covert operation Mine Splash was an operation that involved mining operations and some activities to do with water.

Operation strength is ranked from the easiest (Twelve) to near impossible operations (Sub-Twelve). The impossible missions are attempts to overthrow empires or assault fiendish strongholds on faraway worlds.

Missions of Squad X7E
Mission 1 - Pit Viper
Mission 2 - Mine Splash
Mission 3 - Sunken Tusk
Mission 5 - Precision Strike
Mission 6 - Pupil Brother