Typeprestige class
This Sanguine Whisper sub-class is trained in the art of assassinations, espionage, and scouting.
Level 4 Infiltration

At this low level, the agent trains in scouting and information-gathering.

Level 9 Sniper
The Slayer enters the Sniper School of the Sanguine Whispers at ninth level. The agent learns precision targeting with a long-range sniping weapon called Eagle Fang.

Viper One, head Slayer and member of the Council of Entrieda, is said to have walked into a powerfully warded palace with such protections as saranite, lead, alarm spells, and the like, and disguised himself as a guard. He concealed an Eagle Fang under the transparency psionic power, darted into the shadows, released the transparency, coated the psychic guidance round with poison, controlled sound so that only canines could possibly hear the fired shot, raised the transparency psionic power, and quickly left the scene of confusion. We still wonder if death occurred from a shot through the eye at 300 feet or was it the death poison.

- unknown, excerpt from the book "Legends of the Sanguine Whispers"