The Tome, Syndic of the Council of Nine
RegionHells Womb
Class20th psionicist (telepath) / 10th metamind
RaceHalf-Tragaran Modron (Lich)
Syndic of Records and Legislation -
Alignmentlawful neutral
Born3 Lunar 1234
Undead16 Temporal 1290

At nearly six centuries old, Tome is the longest surviving member of the Council of Nine. As merchant boss of House Kineg, he led the excavation of the Ebon Bedrock and was the brains behind creating the Prisms of Worlds.

Leading up to becoming a ruler of Paradomea, Tome was head of a merchant house that sold mining and excavation equipment. His family also controlled iron and copper mines. Labor for these mines and transportation was handled two other merchant houses closely linked to House Kineg.

Born a Tragaran, he was transformed from long exposure to the Ebon Bedrock. The excavation of this otherworldly feature made him part-machine, part humanoid. His machine half is that of a Modron. From accidents and time, he has grafts, replacing broken and aged parts, or simply to improve upon them. He became a lich as part of joining the Council of Nine. .

Tome is in charge of Paradomea's Records and Legislation branch. It is said that he knows every law and the name of every individual. The latter is no doubt a product of him using his psionic skills than memory.