Tári Súrion

RegionAerie of Dragons
Diiv Kiir5%
Wood Woad5%
DeitiesBahamut, Lukoon
Established19 Witchrite 1005
MapIizus Yeldah

The Kriavfahliil of this empire are descendants of the Gwildath. Their distance relatives came to Bal-Kriav in 441. They were exiled for being dragon cultists. Gwildath's Board of Resettlement determined that the best place for them was on the world Bal-Kriav, in a land called the Aerie of Dragons. Like many before, they made the transit by way of a feywild fuse, leaving Kriav for a resettlement area in the Bahamut named valley Iiz Tus.

In 791, Iiz Tus was subjected to prolonged blizzards and glaciation. The changes brought about by Amaglothorns Breath forced the peoples of the valley to move east and west. The elves went east to the Cartáricil Forest, and the valley's dwarves west where they went on to establish the Khamagurbun Kingdom.

On 19 Witchrite 1005, the petty holds were consolidated under one empire, becoming the Tári Súrion. Since is founding, Tári Súrion has remained a society dominated by the Kriavfahliil. Other elf sub-races, though not equal to the Kriavfahliil, still have better opportunities and rights than others.

As a whole, religious influence in this empire is low. This comes from government policies against large churches. Those that do worship, pay homage to Bahamut or Lukoon, or both. It wasn't always like this though, during the first half of the First Epoch, much of the citizenry were devout worshipers of Bahamut. When the thieving guilds started gaining power, they encroached upon the gospel, like robbing the church goers and stealing from the holy places. The clergy tried to curb their power and break some up. This resulted in open battles in the streets between the priests and the thieves. The guilds were able to outlast their foes. They did this by crippling the church's cash flow through theft. By the 1600s, the guilds were firmly in control of the empire. They replaced the theocratic government and formed a syndicate representing the interests of the city's guilds. The main influence in the syndicate, no matter who served on the councils, was who had the backing of the most powerful thieving guilds.

Tári Súrion possesses numerous guilds. These guilds control the politics, trade, and activities within the empire. The most powerful and influential guilds are the thieving guilds. The most notable one is Tári Lissësúl. The Guild Master of this group is also a member of the syndicate government. Do to their often secretive nature, the thieving guilds often use proxies, like a tanner guild or blacksmith guild, to represent their interests.

Tári Súrion trades with Paradomea, the Khazarkar Empire, Shounejo, and other nations of Ma'Ohari and the Aerie of Dragons. They have a large mercantile fleet and reputable navy. The sea elves of Merenwen are close allies of Tári Súrion. Together, they have resisted invasions by the Shounejo, the Jarls of Inzurakthol, and the swamp people of Zomaar Yelvaad.

The Diiv Kiir of this empire are mainly those with bloodlines to Amaglothorn. More than a millennia has passed since the depredations of this dragon, yet many still despise those with his blood in their veins.

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Tári Súrion