Inzurakthol Iiz Tus

RegionAerie of Dragons
AliasIiz Tus
MapIizus Yeldah

Inzurakthol is the largest and highest plateau of the Aerie of Dragons. Two glaciers are located in this frigid wasteland. The canyons formed by these glaciers are dotted with countless caves. Most of the caves were built by the denizens of this chilling landscape. Inzurakthol is not a place that was formed by nature. It was transformed a millennia ago when an evil dragon opened a rift to Chaos. After that time, many dragon-bloods of the Aerie of Dragons begin referring to the icy plateau as Iiz Tus, which is Draconic for "Ice Plate". Most maps and historical records still refer to the area by its dwarven name Inzurakthol.

In the First Epoch, before the cataclysm that transformed the area, Inzurakthol was a horseshoe shaped mountain range encasing a verdant valley. The highlands were home to several dozen dwarven clans and scattered groups of giants. The dwarven clans were those that splintered from the Khage in the Year 400 HE. The deep forested valley below these redoubts were the abode of a dozen or so groups of Gwildath colonizers. They came to this area in 441, crossing over from to Bal-Kriav from their home world Kriav.

In 791, a white dragon named Amaglothorn opened a gateway to Chaos. This hole in the Web of Magic unleashed a blizzard on the lands south of Ice Tear. The blizzard lasted fifty years and came to be known as Amaglothorns Breath. In addition to the snow and stormy weather, small ice flows spewed from Ice Tear like slow-moving snaky rivers. As they moved south, they coalesced into great glaciers. Inzurakthol's mountains and woodlands were swept with chilling winds, blizzards and glacial tracts that continually expanded southward. Ten years into the storm, many of the valley's peoples began to migrate to areas outside of Inzurakthol. They left behind settlements that were slowly buried under tons of snow and ice. The Damizdaluk, went south to Gruordock. The northern dwarven clans went west to Siginzad where they went on to form the kingdom of Khamagurbun. The kriavian elves migrated west to the Cartáricil where they would unite under the Tári Súrion.

In the ninth century, frost giants out of Sotiisk'lum, got word of the area's most favorable conditions and began migrating to the area.

Today, the plateau is home to numerous clans of frost giants and fog giants. Many of these serve the Jarls of Inzurakthol. The area is also home to many remorhaz, huge ice trolls, ice mephits, undead, white puddings, and other untold horrors. Some of these terrors came to populate this area from Ice Tear, while others were brought in by fog giant shamans. These shamans are reputed to be powerful conjurers that learned some of their craft from scrolls and tomes found inside Ice Tear.

The fog giants of Inzurakthol were once frost giants. When tribes of these people moved into Kulaan Ruus and Reym Kulaan they either went mad, often murdering family and friend, or in a fit of depression throwing themselves to the mercy of the depths. The few giants that survived the madness, were corrupted by the abyssal energies rising up from the bowels of the ancient demon ruin Ghak. These giants became something different, able to see through fog as if it weren't their and hide in plain sight, seemingly disappearing into the perpetual fogs covering Kulaan Ruus and Reym Kulaan.

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