RegionAerie of Dragons
MapIizus Yeldah

Cartáricil is a temperate rain forest on the southern coasts of Iizus Yeldah. Many red oaks and other gargantuan tree types dot this woodland. Cartáricil is often referred to as the Maple Forest because of its innumerable maple trees.

Cartáricil is territory of the Tári Súrion. In addition to villages of kriavian elves, there are many fey living here. The most notable of these are wood woads, sprites, treants and several silver dragons. Some of these people are citizens of Tári Súrion. The area's kriavian elves are descendants of those driven out of Inzurakthol during Amaglothorns Breath.

Cartáricil's resources consist of an abundance of hardwood and mithril and red gold mines where the forest meets the walls of Inzurakthol. Most of these mines are claimed by the merchant lords of Pardhaer.

Notable Areas
Notable Resources