Gulvar Reif


The Lith-Crillion established research centers on Arcana because of what is in these mountains. In the Creation War, Arcana was charged with guarding this island from the primordials. She built bastions and labyrinths in the mountains and in these went to work with an army of enchanters making magic items for the forces of the Nawirrûs Covenant. The Lith-Crillion sought the ancient lore and magic hidden in these mountains from the time when gods battled the primordials. The stuff they did find did not come out easy, for it was often magically hidden, in vaults, and required getting through a network of traps and magical guardians. Today, these places are open to access and largely empty of traps and magical guardians. This does not means they are empty though, for monsters and critters are likely to have made them their lairs.

Notable Areas