The Pugad hills stretch from the Runners Leap cliffs across the breadth of Vetoubahr and into the Moredhel valley. In the Lith-Crillion Era, a few years after the founding of Merorarg, gold was discovered here. This led to a gold rush that within a few decades led to the revival of Tragaran economy and culture not seen since the Varelay Upheaval (2608 LE - 16 HE). Iron and zinc were also found in the hills but they were already plentiful and much easier to get from where the Mern meets the foothills of the Kimaris mountains. As the centuries past, the Pugad's upper tracts were tapped out, so the miners went deeper. At 3000' they entered the Underdark reaches of Fangath where they eventually came into contact with Galir-Khizad and Hlothrabatta. The goblins and Mîmêk of what were then city-states often fought with the Tragarans over these mines. These lower mines are collectively called the Pugad Dig.

Late in the First Epoch, Pugad was the territorial boundary between the minotaurs of southern Azrik and the Niratar Theocracy. When these minotaurs joined together as the Ba'lith Empire, they set the national objective of taking Pugad and its rich gold mines. In the Pugad War (812 - 817), the minotaurs captured the hills, the Niratar city Merorarg, and lands as far as the Ezdynn River.

Today, Pugad is pitted with hundreds of mines. Some of these are are no longer active, serving as the lairs of beasts and monsters or even as homes to those to poor to live in Merorarg.

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