Alpynan Mercantile Dispute

Period1206 HE - 1211 HE
Merorarg VS Gatiranda

The Alpynan Mercantile Dispute was a conflict between the merchants of Merorarg and Gatiranda. At the time, both of these cities were heavily influenced by the merchants with Merorarg run as a syndicate. Gatiranda was treated as a subsidiary of Merorarg.

The dispute arose over transportation of good between the cities. It was a costly affair as far as commerce. For five years, the conflict raged along the east-west axis of the Alpynan road and for long periods stopped all mercantile traffic. It lead to a lot of unprofitable bloodshed - except to the armaments merchants.

The conflict was settled in 1211 HE with Merorarg agreeing to set-up Gatiranda as an independent city-state. This allowed Gatiranda to elect its own board of governors and manage affairs independently of Gatiranda.