Pugad Dig

CategoryUnderdark Locales

Pugad Dig are mining tunnels descending down from the Pugad hills into the Underdark reaches of Fangath. In 2950 LE, at 3000' under the surface, Merorarg's miners broke into the Underdark region Maleddanar. It wasn't long before the Tragarans of the surface came into conflict with the goblin city-state Hlothrabatta and the Mîmêk city-state Galir-Khizad. When not fighting over the rich gold veins they carried on commerce or worked to insight tensions between the others. The Tragarans were driven out of the area in the Pugad War (812 - 817). When Ba'lith took over they carried on similar activities as the Tragarans but were more brutal and evil in their methods.