The Alpynan road begins at the eastern gates of Merorarg. Going east from this ancient city, the Alpynan enters the Pugad Hills, following them around the southern tracts of the Urgunn swamp for about 100 miles at which point it cuts south entering the Elphion Fringe Settlements.

Before Merorarg was taken by Ba'lith in the Pugad War (812 - 817), the Alpynan served as a major lane of commerce between Merorarg and Gatiranda. It even saw conflicts over it with the most notable being the Alpynan Mercantile Dispute. After Ba'lith took Merorarg from the Niratar Theocracy, commerce dwindled on the east-west branch. Most of the road's traffic shifted down its southern spur to Bithiemeth. In the Gulimbor Cataclysm (996 - 1203), Gatiranda became a ruin and this east-west spur of the road fell into disuse. This also happened to the part going to Bithiemeth when that place was destroyed in the Coeus Civil War (1694 - 1697). Today, the road ends at the Elphion Fringe Settlements.