Nahkropiik Vaal Lurker Bay

RegionAerie of Dragons
AliasLurker Bay
MapHiznaar Goz

Nahkropiik Vaal is the western bay of Hiznaar Goz. At the bay's mouth is Grolanters Ember. This enormous giant-made lighthouse can be seen far out into the Sea of Mourning.

The shores of Nahkropiik Vaal border sheer, towering cliffs with heights nearing 1000' at Irthorn. This city covers the top of the cliff and all the way down to where it has a port on the bay.

The empire Oathundor claims Nahkropiik Vaal as territory. They only control the surface. The deeps are ruled by bands of Scrag, Merrow and Lacedon. In the God Era, when this bay was named by the cartographers serving Bahamut, encounters with these creatures led to it being named Nahkropiik Vaal; Draconic for Lurker Bay.

Notable Areas