Kamoni High Road

RegionAerie of Dragons, Hells Womb

The Kamoni High Road was a military and trade lane during the reign of the Kal-Oni Empire. These days it is infrequently used. It used mostly by traders coming from the Aerie of Dragons or areas in-between.

This road begins at the ruins of Ugidreth and continues west into the Kamoni jungle. It cuts a northeast tract between the jungle and the outskirts of Ghar-Lakh. It then heads into the Dragon Wall mountains. In the southern reaches of these mountains are a number of passes and numerous trails. The Kamoni High Road is one of these trails. The first major stop on the road is the kriavian elf town Tanyantil. The road continues east past this town and into the Aerie of Dragons. It passes north of Fiit Storn and then goes into the tangled forest Reyth Paagol. In this forest, the road crosses Qethserod Slov via a giant-made bridge. This bridge is guarded by an Oathundor fort. The Kamoni High Road then heads south and ends at Irthorn.