Bileddanul (south) - Inirthak
MapBileddanul Mountains

This hilly and mountainous area once checked the northward expansion of the Orchish Empire. For three centuries, the Gimhak (1306 HE - 1503), long home to this area, battled the Orchish Empire for control. In their last great conflict, the Gimhak War (1475 - 1503), Bileddanul became territory of the Orchish Empire.

Bileddanul is dotted with thousands of caves, hundreds of dead mines, and dozens of ancient Gimhak ruins. Some of these places are the abodes of Bugbear tribes, wandering constructs that once defended Gimhak, Kobold tribes paying homage to Tiamat, sometimes a dragon or two, along with beasts and monsters. Under the Gimhak, Bileddanul was kept free of such elements. Under new masters, it returned to its primitive origins, wild and frontier-like.

Bileddanul has a vast cave and tunnel network. In the southwest, these stretch beyond the mountains into the flooded tunnels nearing the Idrongrun Bog. South, a product of the Morath War, tunnels lead under the Morath Forest. In the northeast, tunnels link up with those going under the hill parts of Hangath.

Coursing its way beneath these mountains is a mithril vein named Nâram-Zind. The entrance to the mines tapping this vein lie beneath the ruins of Tharam-Khâl. Guarded by the Spirits of Gimhak, along with dwarven constructs, the mithril of Nâram-Zind has been un-worked since the fall of Gimhak.

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  • Mithril