RegionIce Cap
RaceBlack Slaadi
TitleSlaadi Lord of Neeth-Theen
Alignmentchaotic evil
Born17 Dreamer 1844 HE

Ushgergoon is the direct descendant of Anta'palos, the first black slaad of the Slaad Hexos.

In 1133, by way of the Pinnacle of Chaos, Ushgergoon stepped onto the world of Bal-Kriav.

In the Battle of Bone Hoof Canyon, my master waded into the midst of the Pig Tramplers, felling three and four with each swing. The enemies bodies broke apart into bits of earth, wisps of fire, droplets of water, and eddies of mini-whirlwinds. The enemy that did reach Ushgergoon and manage to strike him, had not the power or weapons to pierce his scaly black skin. Our master, the great lord of Neeth-Theen, could have single-handedly taken down all of the jara. The only thing that stopped him was exhaustion and boredom with the fight.

- Sabock Nurngar, Chronicler of Neeth-Theen - "1521 - Ushgergoon's Rampage"

In 1828, he mobilized his empire's entire fighting-age population, starting the Cinazan Front.

Notable Gear