Kagaar Hatchery
RegionHigh Wood Country

Kagarr is a great temperate wetland of High Wood's northeastern tracts. It is the birthplace of the first Graagvrii and Viidostor.

By the Horgon Era, Kagarr was home to just the Viidostor. These smaller cousins had effectively driven out the Graagvrii. Sometimes, one of their own or some outsider rallies them into armies that wreck considerable havoc on the lands around them.

Kagarr is dotted with deep pools and lakes. Each is connected to the others by a vast underwater network of tunnels and passages. Long ago, these were underwater roads linking great hatcheries. In the Dawn Era and into the God Era, these sunken structures were incubators for tens of thousands of eggs, destined for areas on Bal-Kriav and many other worlds. Semuanya, a Tier 3 Creationist and mastermind behind this enterprise, had the goal of making a people that could weather the storms of conflict, survive and propagate in such numbers that if a world fell, his creationists would survive on another.

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