RegionHigh Wood Country

Kagarr is the Land of a Thousand Bands of Lizardfolk, or so it has been said since the middle of the Dawn Era. This swamp is where the majority of all Greenscales and Poison Dusk began on the continent Brucrumus. Over the epochs they have spread from Kagarr to all corners of the continent and beyond.

In the Horgon Era, Kagarr had become home to just the poison dusk. After these smaller cousins drove out the greenscales, they returned to their in-fighting and territorial squabbles. Sometimes, one of their own or some outsider rallies them into armies with them wrecking havoc on the lands around Kagarr.

Kagarr is dotted with deep pools and lakes. Underneath these are all connected to each other. There is a vast underwater network of tunnels and passages across this entire wetland. Some of these submerged passages, once underwater roads, go to ancient structures that resemble eggs with many openings. In the Dawn Era and into the God Era, these sunken structures were used as incubators for thousands of eggs; destined for areas on Bal-Kriav and the worlds of other systems. Semuanya, a Tier 3 Creationist, was the mastermind behind this enterprise. His goal was for his creations to weather the storm, survive and propagate in such numbers that if a world fell, his people would survive on another.

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