Wall of Meddling

RegionHells Womb

The Wall of Meddling is a long passage inside an ancient Covenant Holy Bastion called Phollûmâ. It is etched in Supernal, listing all the times that the Higher Powers have meddled in mortal affairs. Its purpose up until the end of the God Era, was to record the actions of various powers and the outcomes. It was one of the things used to support the Hall of Edicts setting down the laws of the Mandate of the Heavens.

The gods did not create the isles of Necrocrypt from the primordial soup - better known today as Chaos. In the Dawn Era, the area of Necrocrypt was open seas. In the God Era, Gathrot rose from the deeps, forged by the fires of two volcanoes, Groarnfer and Gruggvein. Though normal in appearance, they are not, for deep in their core, ten miles under the Gathrot landmass is a brood of phaethons. These mighty beings, the progeny of Surtur, were the first to be used by this fire god in his vision of what Bal-Kriav should look like.

- passage from the Wall of Meddling