Onaidreds Quill

CategoryArtifacts, Rods, Staffs, Wands
Typeartifact, rod
ForgeOnaidreds Remains, Tholamid
EnchanterDispater, Set

This rod is made from one of the quills of the dead primordial Onaidred. This creature was a serpent-like monstrosity with numerous quills and bony ridges along its entire length. In the Demon Spawn War, Set returned to the area where he and his Covenant team killed Onaidred. In Onaidred's hardened remains, Set and Dispater forged the first, and still the most powerful magical item ever forged at what has become known as Onaidreds Remains. At the time, Dispater and Set were members of the Quarat'un Covenant. Rules against using the remains of primordials to fashion magic items, made Dispater reluctant to help Set. Asmodeus is said to have told Dispater, "There will be a reckoning, we are going to need all the allies we can get." Trusting the wisdom of one who had taken him far, Dispater helped in the enchantment, providing a special engine for powering up rod.

The magical powers of this item are similar to those once wielded by Onaidred. These powers require a lot energy to use, so the rod was built with a soul engine.

In the Horgon Era, Glangveif warlocks came into possession of this device. Faced by an 8,000 strong army, they knew that if they did not use the device, Tholamid would fall. The warlocks powered up the device with the soul energy of a thousand slaves. This froze the advancing army in a massive unnatural glacier called Nym-Zoedine. Many come to this area seeking a chance of finding Onaidreds Quill. With a million gold finder's fee, many come, many die or disappear.