Eáránë Aldaríon

Eáránë Aldaríon - Taurelin
RegionHigh Wood Country, Menortamon

Eáránë Aldaríon is a deep crater that spills into the dark reaches of Menortamon. The area in and around this half mile diameter crater has rich volcanic soil that give way to abundant plant and animal life. Numerous vines of the Tendrils spill into the crater. These vines are interlocked with briar hedges and innumerable traps.

Long before the Angrods had control of the Pyramid of Nature, Eáránë Aldaríon served as an sally point for drow hunting parties coming out of the lands of the Eldalweril. The drow waged a continuous war on the Angrods and kept them on a constant defensive. By the end of the First Epoch, the drow were superior in numbers by nearly 10:1. In 1284, the Angrods found the Pyramid of Nature giving them insight into ancient Lith-Crillion knowledge and relics. Over the next twenty years, the Angrods steadily gained in might, pushing back the drow and ending the glory of Eldalweril on conclusion of the High Down War (1285 - 1304).

Eáránë Aldaríon spirals downward for four miles. It is vine and vegetation covered for as far as the rays of Merioss and Khâls Forge reach, then turning to mushroom and fungi and other Underdark plant-life as it descends deeper into the bowels of Menortamon. A sizable stream makes the descent though not in a winding path but in two places cutting downward into the floor and appearing hundreds of feet later as a waterfall and then continuing on as a growing waterway. It is joined along the way by others streams and upon reaching the bottom of Eáránë Aldaríon it is a roaring river that has cut a deep canyon that flattens out moving northeast. In the High Down War, the Tendrils snaked all the way down Eáránë Aldaríon and as far as the walls of Hyassalmo.