RegionHigh Wood Country

Iruk is a valley in the northwestern part of Taurelin. Between 920 and 1120, a Tendril of the forest Taurquion spread down into the valley from the north towards Idril. This was a precursor for an elven invasion by the Rúmil. This elven empire waged a long war with the area's dwarves seeking to cut the supply line between Rumaktharga and Fargimdal. The First Kizan War ended only when rather than fight a war of attrition with the elves, the dwarves moved their supply and trade lines underground. These underground passages became known as the Brother Tunnels; serving as lifeline between dwarven allies in the Clans and cut-off dwarven holds in the Kizan valley.

At the end of the First Kizan War, Rúmil pulled her troops out of Iruk. This was done for military reasons since they could not hold an area threatened by enemy positions on higher ground west in the Gakhs and east in Kizan.

Even though it may take centuries, the goal of those behind the movements of the Tendrils, the Angrods, is to link the Iruk Tendril with the Tulandur Tendril. This would then encircle, or put a noose around Rumaktharga. The tough hardy people of Rumaktharga do not see the Tendrils as a threat but a source of good lumber. They have lumber mills all up and down the valley with such places often built to be small fortresses and themselves linked to the Kizan Line.