RegionCinazan, Ice Cap
MapTeltenar Forest

Teltenar is an evergreen forest north of the Avalninâth river. It stretches from the southern slopes of Steirgar to the southwestern slopes of Thurnâtha and then north through the Sjorghut valley. This forest supplies the best hardwood timbers of Cinazan. These trees tower high above the shadowy reaches below them. Some of the forest has emerald oaks that are 500' tall and have canopies reaching out several hundred feet. Some of these host forest giants and other fey creatures. Scattered about the forest are ruins of the Arquar.

The spacing of Teltenar's trees is such that giants can easily move through it. The most dangerous natural feature of the forest is the labyrinthus terrain. These intersecting valleys, chasms and ravines are also connected by hundreds of tunnels. These well-hidden passages were developed by the Arquar as a means of attacking and defending against the numerous forest giants that inhabit Teltenar. Many of the forest's ravines and canyons are narrow and clogged with vines and brush. These are usually the areas of refuge when predators are about. Some of these lead to a network of passage to another nearby ravine. In these areas, relics of an elven people are everywhere, broken pottery, wall drawings, rusted tools, and so on.

From what I can gather from the drawings, is that the elves of this area were constantly under threat by forest giants and the fire giant raiders out of Steirgar. Some wall murals showed elves paralysed and peppered with long arrows, and in others of clouds of gas exploding inside the ravines and there subterranean warrens. The others were peaceful and showed primitive spirit beliefs and daily life. The wall murals were scattered over a wide area and seem to indicate that the wood elves moved about a lot and lived in Teltenar for a very long time. I believe that the wood elves either succumbed to the giants or found some way out of the area. I've looked at all the data on Brucrumus, and have found nothing that indicates any group of wood elves with a history tracing back to this forest.

- Agar Vorek, goliath historian - "Murals of Teltenar"

During the Chaos War, goliath tribes from Salbâth were forced into this area. Nearly 5,000 of these tall, hardy people now dwell in this forest.

Notable Areas