Hairfoot Path

RegionLands of Purity

From the west, the Hairfoot Path starts in the Baurwen. In this tangled forest the road joins with the Beard Trail and the Holy Passage. The Hairfoot Path crosses the Tániel river by way of the ancient dwarven bridge called Bazur-Bazdu. The road then heads northeast to As'lumix. Past the eastern gate of this city the road heads southwest through the northern tracts of Pixit and then to Voruner. To continue east by way of the Hairfoot Path, travellers must hire a barge or other craft to get across the Lerchadan river. On the eastern side of this river, the road heads into Ginzarak. When passing into these mountains, the road is a couple miles north of Fell Post. The road then cuts north through the rugged valleys of Ginzarak and then comes to Gûn and then heads inward to the outer defensive works of Maharâg. Instead of going to Gûn, a fork of the Hairfoot Path heads east into the Elberial forest and then to Elamir. The road goes around this stronghold and continues to Viressur and then south again where it ends at Hanthaerion.