PortDistance toPort
Baurongor240 milesMablung
Mablung260 milesMonwuil Twine
Monwuil Twine250 milesMaegorion
Maegorion150 milesKhultamir
Khultamir175 miles Gebs Cradle
Gebs Cradle80 miles Primordial Storm
Primordial Storm 30 miles Kennel
Kennel100 milesAcili
Acili180 milesStorsald
Storsald80 milesElgatâz
Elgatâz5 milesGalathien
North to South Ports of Call
RegionHigh Wood Country, Tribe Steppes, Northern Hordelands, Lands of Purity
MapAnassúmë River

Anassúmë is a fast-flowing river with headwaters near Lake Baurongor. After passing through the deep forests of the High Wood Country, it picks up speed and width in the Tribe Steppes. In this region, after the Monwuil Twine, it widens to one mile across as it flows south through the Tamoroc plain. The river is often flooding as it passes the area of the Primordial Storm. As it moves deeper into the Northern Hordelands the river cuts a deep canyon through the Storsalds into the Lands of Purity, emptying into the Galathien Sea.

Due to the presence of the rift Primordial Storm, the Anassúmë is inhabited by water archons and other creatures not native to this realm. These creatures mostly keep to that part of the river that passes the rift.

The river is less than a mile across for much of its length, yet very deep. In some places, the waters are so deep that light does not reach the bottom. Where the Anassúmë meets the river Mutt Drool are caves descending deep into the Underdark. In times of heavy flooding, water gushes down these then over ledges overlooking the drow city Filion'lyr.