Luran Hills (south)
RegionLands of Purity, Northern Hordelands
MapLuran Hills

The Lurans are hills running from Baurwen to the eerie waters of lake Orukhan. Rich in iron, gold, and other minerals, the Lurans are often windy. They are battered by the strong winds blowing south out of the Northern Hordelands, and the cross winds of the Bog Sea and the Sea of Galathien. In the summer, the confluences of these winds lead to tornadoes and strong storms in the southern tracts.

During the First and Second Epoch, the lower Lurans were home to Tragaran frontiersmen. This area became very religious, with some holy orders taking on fanatical ideals in the name of the Church of Athena. Some claim the dangerous and often violent border lands of Farinteen and the wild north were the cause for all the crusaders, zealots and evangelists that come out of the Lurans. One of the most prominent groups of this area was the family of Gudyazas.

In the Black Tide War (1465 - 1504), the people of the Lurans put up a bitter fight against the hordes of undead. Rather than perish in open battle, they shifted north of the Black Tide and into the Northern Hordelands. For the remainder of this war and after, they waged a guerrilla war, raiding the occupier's supply lines and weak points.

The Lurans hold the bones and ruins of three wars, the Black Tide War, the Athena Cruade and the Buruthran War (1824 - 1829 ). Dozens of towers, keeps and castles dot the landscape. Most empty, they are cleared and garrisoned in times of great conflict.

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