Enlightening Transfer

Typepsionic lore

Enlightening Transfer is the name for a process performed by a psychic surgeon backed by other mentalists in metaconcert. The surgeon disassembles an undead patient's mind, transferring parts of it to another undead. This process has been tried on the living without success, always causing extreme pain, death, and what it does not kill, makes dreadfully insane.

Llydaros mentalists created this process as a way of transferring the knowledge of a "dirty" undead ancestor to a clean one. Up until this process, the great thinkers, musicians, artists, and crafters had become undead to carry on their craft. When these undead started to degrade, becoming evil and destructive, they were retired. The Enlightening Transfer was devised to take the good parts of the to-be retired patient, transferring into another newly made undead or to one still deemed "clean".

The last time the Enlightening Transfer was done by mortal psychic surgeons was in early days of the Dark Revolt. After that, with Torvild Isle cleansed of the living, the undead leaders and their great thinkers, musicians, artists, and crafters continued the tradition of keeping the good parts, and throwing away the bad

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