Har-Thal Chariot

High Drik

This purple tome has bronze hinges and a minotaur hide binding. The first book was written by the Khazarkar necromancer Har-Thal "The Sadist". It has many necromancer teachings in it and nine necromancy spells of each level. The book gets its name from the information on how to create high drik war machines.

During the First Khazarkar Empire, when they were on Gulimbor, the Khazarkar military captured driks from the Hive region. They used this book, and copies of it, to change the growth process of driks. This resulted in the creation of specially bred monsters, called high driks. They used nearly a hundred of these in the Domination Wars (995 - 1016). When the khazarkars migrated to Cinazan, they purchased driks from the djinn merchants of Gludragh. They then started raising the driks at Kazrâ. The Har-Thal Chariot was once again unbound, and used to make high driks. These high driks are used as living siege engines by the Athirbêni.