Crossing Âruk, near Nelaryotar
RegionCinazan, Miradelgûn
MapÂruk Plain

Âruk is a vast grassy plain beginning north of Damreth and ending far southeast at Hullbreaker Bay. It teams with abundance, tens of thousands of non-threatening herd animals and their accompanying predators. There are enormous reptiles, dinosaurs, and bipedal hunters like the earth giants out of Eylami and cloud and storm giants coming down from Gindinâth. On the fringes of all this are the hunting camps of gnolls, mongrelfolk, lizardfolk and Khazarars. To survive the area's more dangerous herds, those of the dire sort, they keep their fortified camps on Âruk's edges, in the wastes of Arnskar, the tangles of Nelaryotar, or other terrain unfriendly to grazers.

Early in the Second Epoch, the Khazarkar Empire was expanding west across Cinazan. Like those before, the Aslauthroans, the Eylami, seeing abundance, they wanted to build a settlement where meat was plenty. After suffering from stampedes driven by blind rage, and sometimes druidic undertones, the Khazarkars left Âruk to the beasts.

5 Saunas 1114: Yetat Camp, apparently built on migratory route of dire buffaloes, on returning to camp from hunting expedition, entire camp and party of fifty trampled to dust, breastplates flattened. Camp lost, fur and hide inventory ruined.

- Bazrâ Zirik, journal entry by hunting party leader out of Ardilthôr - "Dire Herds of Âruk"

In the northern part of Âruk the sky island Gindinâth casts deep shadows. Even so, true darkness never falls on Âruk. This is because the plain is littered with the Shards of Takarrûs. Blood of an angel given form, these deep red crystals burn with an intense fire. They range in size from the height of an ogre to that of a storm giant. At night, the crystals light up the plains with their red glows. Where crystals are too far apart, the land is shadowy and dark.