Pyramids of Set above Karêthil

Khirrêth is a huge plateau roughly 150 miles east to west and 100 miles north to south. The plateau is a mile above the Gonak forest. Khirrêth is a windy place, buffeted by the strong winds blowing southwest from Morwuld Briin and those coming off the Izgarrêth mountains that back the plateau.

The plateau is densely populated with towns, villages and the Khazarkar capital Nibar-Pharân. The Târun road serves as the public way to the top of the plateau. This road winds its way up the Karêthil canyon and then splits off to the various holds. The most remarkable sight while taking this road up is the chance to gawk at the Khazarkar Empire's Pyramids of Set. Unless a war is going on, several of these inverted pyramid voidships will be here docked. As visitors, foreign emissaries, head to the capital, the site of these massive vessels display the grandeur and might of the Khazarkar Empire.

Notable Areas