RegionCinazan, Miradelgûn
MapAthurrâm Desert

Athurrâm is a desert of northern Halmarth and southern Skegjold. In Saunas 1275 the area began suffering a Cube Taint. This led to the gradual desertification of a once grassy plain. Surges from the COA 411 also changed the land's denizens. One of these was the Sadar-Nizar. They are descendants of centaurs that were transformed by the Cube's emanations, their equine lower bodies replaced with that of a scorpion and their upper body, though still humanoid, covered in chitin.

Athurrâm is like other areas of eastern Cinazan, islands and coastal regions turned to deserts from arcane energy pouring off the Cube. In the Second Epoch, the destructive energies were diverted away from the area in what became known as the Voruth Anharr Project.

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