Tân'ndith Tomb Rift

AliasTomb Rift

Tân'ndith, also known as Tomb Rift, is the place of burial for those Minâth that served the Khazarkar Empire with distinction. It is sited just past the southern walls of the Khazarkar city Mirkathân. These walls are called the Tomb Cordon.

The more important dead that come to Tân'ndith, and not just those from the city next to it, but from across the empire, are buried in small pyramids and mausoleums. It is forbidden to enter these structures without orders from the Pharzîmrâth. In times of great need, Mirkathân's necromancers raise undead from this burial ground and send them off to the front.

Tân'ndith is guarded by numerous constructs, gargoyles, and magical beasts. Even if looters get past these guardians, they must overcome deadly mechanical and magical traps.

Near the heart of this rift is an enormous vault-like structure called Athullazîr. This vault holds a very old and massive sarcophagus. In the Lith-Crillion Era, explorers from Herfarel plundered the sarcophagus. The only thing they found inside of it was a single dried seed. This seed turned out to be the heart of a dead god, the artifact Tarfilerquar.

The undead created in Mirkathân and in this rift are more powerful than normal. It is believed that this is the result of an evil taint left on the area from the Tarfilerquar seed.

Notable Areas